Using your RUMail account

Instructors: Chris Jarocha-Ernst or Joseph Donato

In this class, you will learn how to use the major RUMail features:

* Mail
* Address Books
* Calendar
* Tasks
* Documents
* Briefcase
* Preferences

You will also learn how these features work together, and how to collaborate with others using the RUMail service.

This hands-on class is open to anyone with an RUMail account, and is highly recommended to Domain Administrators to educate users in their domain just prior to migration. This class runs for approximately 3 hours.

Note for domain administrators: When you register, please indicate in the Requirements field of the registration form that you are a domain administrator, the name of your domain, and the number of users you expect to attend the class. If you prefer for training to occur in your own facility, please indicate that, as well. Please note that this is a 3-hour training class, and a domain administrator from your domain must be present.

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